Trimming the bowl

Posted by Rabbit (Richmond, United States) on 25 October 2007 in People & Portrait.

I shall have to tell you whats going on in just a bit - ok so my just a bit is going to be about an hour, i'm in the process of: feeding the fish, watering plants, making breakfast, combing my crazy sticking up hair along with trying to figure out what to take for lunch and posting my capture for today (all kinds of late) because i just passed out yesterday when i got home.
Till then - in a bit,


Time for the bit ;)

While i wait for my computer to update. Lets see, first i will clarify what i meant by passing out. As Anthony pointed out to me by his concern - thank you my dear. Its is used as an expression of just being really tired and falling asleep (usually on the couch in your work clothes).

So after scaring the crap out of you guys, lets talk bout this photo. Here i'm trimming a bowl, you can see a tiny bit of clay just at the edge of the tool i'm holding. There are more pieces coming off but since the wheel is moving really fast (if you look close you can see the bowl looks a bit blurry) you wont see them as they zoom off the edge of the wheel head. I sorta looks like pealing an apple but REALLY FAST.

The ring you see is called the foot - this helps give the piece of pottery some LIFT when viewed from the side and also helps reduce the weight of the piece.

Humm, i'll have to see if i can figure out the processing on this photo. I don't remember what i did, i just know i liked it when i was done.

AS for other news - it has RAINED! Yippie. Good for our area, since if you remembered i mentioned we were having a drought. So it is VERY good to have rain, very bad for pinhole shots - well at least for Quick Pinhole shots but thats ok, i should take the time to practice L-O-N-G Exposures anyway.

The sound of the rain is soothing,

Casio EX-P600
1/8 second
33 mm (35mm equiv.)


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