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In the light
25 February 2008

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We Are Like Trees
18 January 2008

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Keep It Unreal
25 November 2007

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In a whole new light
29 October 2007

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Knock Out
9 September 2007

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Homeless Comb
24 August 2007

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19 August 2007

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Pretty Pink Piggies
30 July 2007

Recent Comments

Calusarus on Unfinished Down Under
An interesting creation !

Barbara on Unfinished Down Under
Very nice.

Barbara on The Bees Perspective
Wonderful to see you here. Your ceramic and pinhole work has always inspired me.

Diane Peterson on Chilly Table for Two
just found your work as someone posted a link on and I made you a contact on flickr..Do you ...

miu* on I warned you it was rude to Point
Ohhhh!!! So scary!

miu* on Chilly Table for Two
Hello,Rabbit.Do you remember me?:) I see your poraroid photo for the first time! Very nice.:)

Carol on Me and Kitty's Delight Two
Very beautiful.

Carol on Me and Kitty's Delight
One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

BLISTR on Chilly Table for Two
Another wonderful pin hole!

Liz on Joy
OoO, the flowers look so delicate. Black eyed susans and daises. The lace background is a nice touch.

Ronnie 2¢ on Chilly Table for Two
You always capture so much more than appears on screen, bad girl.

Rags on Chilly Table for Two
I looks pretty. I just love your pics!

Rags on Is it worth figuring out?
you're back!!!!! Awesome!!!

Ronnie 2¢ on Is it worth figuring out?
Good to see the ghost is still hanging around . . I like the sense of drama created in this.

Catherine on Wrapped up
Fantastic image! Love the color!! Your ever so creative!! Cat

Scotfot on Johnny Cat
very nicely framed!

vu@granby - gilles daigneault on Just a bathroom
« ... This was a 13 hour exposure... » :-) We are now entering in Rabbit's world. Passing by to say ...

Barbara on Just a bathroom
13 hour exposure? I'm impressed, as I often am with your pinhole images and pottery. I'm happy to see you ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Just a bathroom
. . oh, and with the money I saved, I had my bathroom re-fitted ! Neato shot !

Ronnie 2¢ on Just a bathroom
Hey, good to see you here again ! I'm one of those people who have spent a fortune on exotic printers only to ...

Lilly and Ronnie 2¢ on Johnny Cat
Hope all is well with you and yours . . Best Wishes for Christmas, Rabbit.

TheRedhead on Johnny Cat
Your coworker needs to spend more time looking at this blog as there are all kinds of pinhole pics intersperced through ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Johnny Cat
Having mistaken a bird for a slug, I'm not the best person to go looking for a cat . . hee hee . . enjoy the ...

Rags on Johnny Cat
You are a true lover of photography. I think we are always interested in knowing a little something about an artist. It ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Its A Plane, Train, Speeding Bullet?
mmmm . . perhaps a snail or a slug skirting the pinhole !

Rags on Its A Plane, Train, Speeding Bullet?
It's a rabbit!

Tammy Warren-Cricket on Wrapped up
Looovvvvveeee this image!

Rags on Wrapped up
wow! the 3 hours were so worth it.

Ronnie 2¢ on Wrapped up
awwww . . you lay there still for three hours ? Now, that's dedication to The Art ! And what a sweet result.

k@ on Teleport Travel Lesson
Superb as usual here !

marleen on I warned you it was rude to Point
Great picture, title, recipe and a big laugh at any party:-DD

Kim on I warned you it was rude to Point
Hey! I just got my copy of Light Leaks in the mail today. Congratulations on getting your pinhole in the Magazine! ...

Ronnie 2¢ on I warned you it was rude to Point
Firstly, Happy Birthday to Mom. Now, let's get stuck into these wonderful cookies !! Ace for The Day - Enjoy !!

Lien on I warned you it was rude to Point
creepingly real!!!!

Swetha Iyer on I warned you it was rude to Point
The picture freaked me out to begin with. The intent and the recipe eventually made me smile. Great work there..

Cricket-StandingStill on I warned you it was rude to Point
Dropping in to say hello and walking away with a recipe! This is just fantastic! My 9 year old is going to love it.

Rags on I warned you it was rude to Point
Freaky looking but must be yummy.

Amanda on I warned you it was rude to Point
You did an amazing job! However, I think I would have a hard time biting into one! :)

Laurie on Joy
Oooh. Very pretty. I like the dark color.

What a pretty piece of art. I really like this one!

John on White Dress and Steps
I love the mystery.

Rags on Joy
great job as always. It looks awesome.

Ronnie 2¢ on Joy
The deliciously dark colors give this an almost Victorian look which I rather like. Kinda Fox Talbot.

Ronnie 2¢ on Raku test tiles 2
Preparations like this are. indeed. very much part of the excitement . . they would make me want to try every one of ...

Rags on Raku test tiles 2
Hope the glazing goes well. Cool image.

Rags on Coral Snakes
That sounds like a cool tradition.

Laurie on Raku Test Tiles
Lovely colors. I like Raku. It creates such unique and wonderful color.

Laurie on White Dress and Steps
Love the gentle mood of this. I've been getting too bogged down to keep up with blogging like I would like. I am ...

Laurie on Our Dance
The new site looks beautiful. Nice job. Love the romantic mood of this one.

Laurie on This Tuesday and Next Sunday
Love this set. Pretty.

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